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The traditional functions of universities are teaching and research. In their teaching activities, universities provide the professional training for high-level jobs, as well as the education necessary for the development of the personality and thus play a vital role in the society. Universities are established to:
Spread knowledge
Expand intellectual capacities and reflective reasoning
Encourage the culture of discussion, review, debate, analysis and research
Develop recommendations for solution of social problems
Create a harmonious society, foster mutual respect and fraternity
Improve the mental growth of individuals and enhance quest for knowledge, book-reading and literary taste among the students, researchers and teachers through advanced research and discussions etc.

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals Academia for Knowledge and Review (AFKAR) has been established. Central goals of the AFKAR are as follow: 1.To create a conducive environment for study and investigation
2.To develop critical thinking and  research oriented academic taste
3.To review books and to critically evaluate relevant themes
4.To enhance educational, literary and intellectual capabilities
5.To search out new topics and to take advantage of collective educational capacities
6. To achieve the real goals and targets of the universities in the best possible way
7.To avoid waste of time and to make it more precious and meaningful
8.To provide a plate form for intellectuals belonging to different schools of thought, so that they may listen to one   another’s point of view
9.To set the new generation on the journey of Knowledge, research and study

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